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Tjänsten kostar 1100 kr detta inkl. allt som kan tänkas behövas till att få bästa möjliga tävlingsfärg. Du behöver bara följa stegen under för bästa möjliga tävlingsfärg, resten fixar vi åt dig.Du betalar 600 kr direkt i bokningsavgift ( denna avgift går ej att få tillbaka) resterande 500 kr betalas på plats, kontant eller med kort.

Full Service cost is 1100 sek!  you pay a booking fee of 600 SEK ( 60 euro) directly at booking.
(this amount is non refundable in case of cancellation)
the remaining   SEK 500kr you pay cash on spot.


To prepare the skin for the best competition  color,  step by step!

First: Start with shaving body, make sure you do not cut yourself, it will not be neat when color is added on. Shave first time about 1 ½ -2 weeks before the competition to see how your skin reacts. Then shave again before you start adding the color, (about 1-2 days before) depending how fast your hair grows. However, make sure you do not shave so early that you need to shave again before the competition because it irritates your skin and causes you to retain water.

2nd  Then scrub the body easily! This should be done daily, 4-7 days before the competition. You  may also have a           so-called scrubbing glove to help. However, be very careful so you do not scrub too hard and damage the skin.                  DO NOT FORGET THE BACK!

3rd If you normally have a bit oilier skin you should not use body lotion on these days for the skin to come into its own. For those who have dry skin, you may need a slightly more moisturizing body lotion (moisturizer) to get skin elastic (but not a lot of fats and oils in it). And please do not use any deodorant before first layer of color This is to prevent color  react wrong  in armpit ( it turns green).

4th Time to add the first layer: a shower and scrub one last time before the first layer is added. Make sure you are dry before you start. And do not use deodorant. The first layer is 1 day before the competition day. I do recommend one day before only. Do NOT wear too tight clothes after you been sprayed.

5th We put 2-4 layers depending on how dark you want to be. Once you have received the first layer color will you not take a shower and scrub more. Unless we have given you orders to do that .

6th When it's time to compete, we will put on the right glaze,oil or posing gel 20-30 minutes before you are going on stage. Do not put oil yourselves . It can dissolve the color.                                                                                                                                                        

regards Fredrik Carlsson & Team On Site Spraytan  by Ironsport


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